November Letter

Here is a November challenge for you. Ask your kids to fill out and mail KSE postcards to cancel junk mail. Tell them to bring all that junk mail to school that they don’t want coming to their homes. Then work with them to get rid of this unwanted trash by sending out these postcards to those who sent it. Not ever receiving it is much better than recycling it.

Next ask kids to bring all the used magazines they no longer want to your classroom. Create a magazine exchange center in your classroom or your school to reuse them.  

November is filled with many more ideas for you so check them out on our November calendar.

In America we celebrate Thanksgiving but you don’t have to celebrate this holiday to give thanks for our Earth. There are lots of ways you can thank Earth.

Start a compost bin, recycle all that you can, and become an Earth Inspector.  

One other very important way is to donate to Kids for Saving Earth on Give to the Max Day because we work hard to protect and thank our Earth everyday. Each year on this day we ask you to give back for our efforts to help you help Earth. Plan a fundraising event where you can earn funds for Earth. Split the funds for a school project and for Kids for Saving Earth. We promise we will use it wisely to help protect Earth.  

 Thanks for all you do for kids and thanks for helping Kids for Saving Earth.