June 2019

June is already here! In the Northern Hemisphere, most people are planning their summer break. This summer send your students home with lots of ideas of ways to have fun and protect Earth at the same time.

Start by showing them a great idea for an Earth-saving Fathers Day gift. In addition, we have a wonderful book you can download and copy to send home with your students. It will be fun to read and put the kids to work doing good Earth works. Try out Exciting Earth Adventures.

This calendar has two Kids Campaign to Cool Our Earth projects. Check out Insects and Climate Change and Urban Heat Island and United Nations.

Another important way kids can help slow global warming is to start composting. Find out how to begin composting at your home and why composting will help protect our Earth from increasing climate change. You can compost in any weather warm or cold.

There is so much to do to protect our planet. Check out our June calendar to find many other ways to make this planet healthier.

Don’t forget you can help support Kids for Saving Earth with no cost to you by signing up for smile.amazon.com.  

Pennies are donated from Amazon but “United with Friends” we can fund saving Earth.

Thanks so much for all you do for kids and our Earth!