January 2019

Happy New Year and happy January.  It’s an important time for Earth.  Maybe people are finally realizing that we truly are faced with major global warming.  It is showing up in a variety of ways including extreme weather such as heat, fires, storms, and drought.  Extreme snow storms can even be a result of global climate change.

There is so much work to do to protect the planet.  We must work to protect humans, animals, health, forests, waters, and much more. How about this year you educate and activate your school or group to do more than they have ever done before?
Kids for Saving Earth has plenty of ideas for you.  Let’s cover just a few in this January calendar. We mentioned New Year’s resolutions in December, but it is not too late to start now. Encourage kids to focus on what they can do to help Earth.
Kids and adults love dolphins.  Check out the dolphins and climate change project.  Yes, even dolphins are being harmed by global warming.
The process of mining can cause major problems if not done correctly.  What can a kid do about this issue?  Check out Mining our Earth.  
This is a fun idea: Have a Green Day at school.  Create a green bulletin board, wear green clothes and much more.  Kids will enjoy this experience and learn a lot.
Make your own resolution to do more on a daily basis.  It’s soooo important and we need you!  Earth needs you.
Don’t forget you can help support Kids for Saving Earth by simply choosing us as your nonprofit organization at smileamazon.com
Thanks for your concern and help,
Tessa Hill