August 2019

This August is a great time to begin planning your environmental activities for the school year. You can look back on the last years of suggested activities or just go on our web site to review the many education into action environmental projects for your class.

For this month I really want you to focus on what kids can learn from senior citizens about Earth-saving. Most seniors grew up without paper towels, plastic bags, water bottles or plastic straws. Yet, they survived very well and we can learn so much by just talking with them. Provide each student with aLearn from a Senior Citizen list of questions. Your class can also develop other helpful questions to help learn more.

You might also ask kids to report on Senior Citizen Day to help them understand how important Seniors are to our lives and how can we learn from them.

In July, I mentioned you should check out a project called Earth Expo in Your School. Again, I would like you to read through it and figure out a way to fit it into your curriculum plans. Earth Day 2020 will be a celebration of 50 years of this special event. Let KSE know what you are planning.

There is much more to do like Protecting the Honey Bee, learning the KSE Promise Song, learning about the Great Garbage Patch and much more. These are all fun, useful and empowering things to do to help children and help Earth at the same time. I hope you will consider jumping in to Earth protection activities.

Thanks for all you do for kids!