April 2019

It’s so easy and fun to start April with a Promise Tree. Check the directions here and get started asking your students to make promises to our Earth.

April is always a big and important month in the world of Earth-saving. It is Earth month celebrating Earth Day on April 22. We need all the Earth-protecting power we can get and Earth month is a good month to launch your schools year around efforts.

Have you ordered or created posters for your classroom? Have you planned a Picnic for the Planet or a Garbage Walk? You might want to plan a Garbage Challenge with your walk.

The Great Garbage Patch is something your kids should know about. Can they find ways to solve the problem?

How about something really simple. Have kids, parents and friends sign the Kids for Saving Earth Promise. It’s not too late to print out the Promise Song and have the entire school sing it.

It is very true that things are getting desperate these days but as it says in the Promise, “United with friends, we will save the Earth.”