September 2018

Happy September Earth-savers,

Check out the Back to School Checklist, Earth-safe School Supplies, and How Healthy is Your School to start out your new school year projects. Keep your students and your Earth healthy and strong.

We have a new project for you this month. We want everyone to stop using plastic straws so please help us out. Straws are harming sea and land animals and creating hazards for our beaches, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Plastic straws are simply unnecessary. Check out “It’s the Last Straw, Challenge” to learn how you and your kids can change bad habits, and teach others to protect our planet.

September is often the month to plan your entire year of major activities. I hope you are considering adding environmental education to your year in a big way. Maybe you can sign the Kids for Saving Earth Promise or sing the Promise song every day. You can also have the kids read a topic in the Kids Campaign to Cool Earth once a week. Cleaning their desks can become an environmental project for your students.

Remember to email or mail environmental art work to us. We can use it to inspire and educate Earth’s citizens.

Thanks for all you do to help kids help Earth!