October 2018 Letter

Hello Earth-savers,

There are so many Earth-saving things you can do for the month of OctoberJoin the Cool Earth TeamUse Cloth NapkinsUse the Library, create Earth Saving Costumes are all very easy activities to help protect Earth. There are two global warming projects in the month of October. Check out

A is for Air and Y is for Youth. Just read the projects with your students and ask them each to choose one of the suggested activities that they can do to slow climate change.  

The go-to-project I would suggest for this month ties in with Halloween. It’s called Can Can Carnival. It’s a creative, fundraising and Earth-saving activity that is just plain fun. You can create it in your classroom, your school, your church or even your backyard. Have the kids wear their used-clothes Halloween costumes to the event! You might want to increase the number of games by checking out “Eco Carnival”for additional ideas. Or even better ask your kids to create their own game by using trash or recycled products.  

Please take lots of photos of your event and email them to us. We will put them on our Defender of the Planet page.   

We are so grateful for what you do to help kids help our beautiful Earth.