November 2018 Letter

Hello Earth-concerned friends,

As always there is much to do in November. The first and most important activity is to vote for candidates who support Earth-saving. This is the best way you can help protect Earth as quickly as possible.

We have added a recycling project to our KSE website that is very simple. Just print it out, briefly describe recycling, and hand it out to your students to put up in their home. It’s a small poster perfect for the refrigerator door! Over the years I have found that many people don’t understand the basics of recycling. Let’s teach them. Every community has a few different ways of handling recycling, but this poster covers most of the possible options. It’s so easy these days to google any information that is not on this poster. The poster is also a great reminder to “Recycle It!”

Thank your EarthGreen your Thanksgiving, Become an Earth Inspector, and several global warming issues including Zero Time Left are in your November calendar. I know you can find ways to fit these projects into your math, English, geography curriculum and more. Go for it. Please!

Looking forward to a healthy Earth,