June 2018 Newsletter

June already? In North America kids are on vacation, gardens are being planted and vacation trips are being taken. So what are you suggesting your students do to help Earth during the next three months?

There are lots of fun things to do and our June calendar provides some great ideas.
1. Teach kids how to compost by learning from KSE’s Composting Power. Ask them to start composting in their backyard! They may have to teach their parents.
2. Ask them to put Exciting Earth Adventures on their summer reading list.
3. Teach your children how to plant gardens. Read Clinton’s Backyard Habitat.
4. Take a hike to experience Wild Flowers then go Wild Flower Wild.
5. Suggest students ask their parents to take them to a National Park. Study Save our Parks and Find a National Park.

Of course, there is much more to do every day to help Earth but inspire your kids to take on at least a few projects. The founder of Kids for Saving Earth, my son Clinton Hill, is my inspiration and maybe his story can help inspire your students. Try it out by reading about Clinton Hill. His birthday is June 12.

Happy June to all, including our members worldwide. It may not be summer vacation time for all of you, but you can participate in most of the activities. Let us know what you tried.

Thanks so much for helping kids help Earth!