January Letter 2018

Here comes 2018. We at Kids for Saving Earth wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! It’s time to plan your January curriculum.

Have you ever talked with your students about New Year resolutions? The arrival of the New Year has traditionally encouraged people to make new commitments to their lives and others.  Talk with your kids about what kind of resolution they can make to help protect Earth. You might suggest checking out Kids for Saving Earth for ideas. Next, print out the KSE Resolutions project and ask them to choose 3 ways they will commit to helping Earth.

Climate change is ever present in our lives these days so consider educating your class about what happens to dolphins as Earth warms. Show them how they can help.

Kids for Saving Earth is all about empowering children while they work at protecting our planet. This calendar is filled with empowering actions for children. Try out H2 Oh Oh or learn about how Mining our Earth can cause problems. A very important activity your classroom can do is to start a major recycling program in your room and in their homes. Help them learn everything possible about what steps to take by checking out Find a Recycle Center and Teaching Grownups!

Thanks for all you do for Earth and your students!

Remember when ordering anything through Amazon use Smile.Amazon.com. Choose your favorite charity “Kids for Saving Earth” (which can be kept permanently.) Then when you place your order, Amazon will donate a few cents to our cause. It mounts up and costs you nothing. United with friends, you will help us protect our Earth.