February Letter 2018

In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day and love.  Let’s focus on loving Earth. It’s the only home we know and it is amazingly beautiful. So let’s show our love for Earth by working on some action items on this month’s calendar.

The Arctic is where we can see the worst signs of global warming. Check out Heart of the ArcticWilderness Wild, and the Mysterious Arctic to learn more.

Now is the time to begin planning an Earth Day event. Look over Have An Earth Expo in Your School. Make this a special event to honor Earth.

Healthy Cleaning Week begins February 19. Each day of the week you can learn something about toxins in our home environment and what to do about them.

Check out the entire February calendar. What’s your first choice?

Make sure to stay in touch with Kids for Saving Earth to let us know what you are doing to help kids and the Earth. We can spread the word about what works for you.

Also remember if you shop Amazon, by signing up for Amazon Smile, you can help support KSE.

 It’s such an easy way to help us.  Look for the drop-down menu of nonprofits and then choose Clinton Hill’s Kids for Saving Earth as the nonprofit you would like to support. We will receive a small donation from Amazon at no cost to you.

Thanks for all you do to help protect our Earth.