August 2018 Letter

Happy August! School in North America begins soon. As usual there is so much for teachers to do. Just imagine school administration and kids working together to make their school as “green” as possible! You all could make a big difference!  Earth would become healthier because of you.

Kids for Saving Earth tries to make it as easy as possible to add environmental curriculum to your daily activities. Adding a green school focus will take all of you working together. Begin by studying

“Earth Expo” in your school. You can do some of the activities or all of them but be sure to include your plans for Earth Day.

Check out Green School Rules to help you with your plans.  Plan to add Global Warming and Global Warming A-to-Z to your monthly activities and event. Work with your students to learn the Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song.  You may also want to order the Kids for Saving Earth Rock the World concert kit. Talk with your music teacher about the possibility of utilizing this wonderful musical event.

There are many more activities in the August calendar but one of the easiest is to simply “Respect the Earth” by asking the whole school to always capitalize Earth. This can fit in well with learning about capitalization!

Have a great August and thanks for helping kids help Earth!