October 2017

October is a busy month for the Earth. How about starting off with October 4th and walk to school day. I know it’s not always easy but if you could organize a “walkpool” with a parent leading the group, it would make a big difference in the amount of energy used that day. This means a lot less carbon dioxide.
The Kids Campaign to cool our Earth letter for October is Y for Youth! This project contains several ways youth can help slow global warming.
Among other activities, this month also includes A is for AirTeaching GrownupsCanCan CarnivalEarth-saving CostumesUse the Library and Reading for the Earth.
To help support Kids for Saving Earth be sure you choose us to donate to when you use Amazon. This costs nothing to you because the donation comes from the Amazon Foundation.
Go to Smile Amazon.
​Now more than ever we need teachers to lead the way to help kids help our Earth.  Thanks for all you do!​