November 2017


November, 2017 is here!

Small changes in temperature on Earth correspond to enormous changes in the environment. Even a degree can create major climate changes. What are we going to do about this? What can kids do? This is the last of 26 months of The Kids Campaign to Cool Earth educational, action-oriented environmental projects.

Having been a teacher I know something about what your day is like and how hard it is to fit anything extra into your curriculum. Global warming is such a serious problem for life on Earth that it is crucial you figure out a way to put some of these materials to work. Fit them into geography, math, social studies, science, English and more. We even have environmental music activities

This summer and fall have been filled with examples of what happens as a result of our planet’s climate changing. Unfortunately hurricanes, wildfires and other weather disturbances will continue but we can’t give up. We have to stay positive and work to protect Earth. Encourage and empower your students everyday with Earth-saving ideas or projects.

Check out our November calendar. There is so much you can do. In particular focus on Z is for Zero Time Left.

Also November is our yearly appeal to our members for financial support. Although most of our work is through volunteers, including me, we do have some paid employees, supplies, accounting, etc. to cover. Your donation will be so appreciated and used very carefully. Go to Give to the Max Day to learn more about our fund-raising event.

See you next month and thanks so much for all you do for kids.