May 2017


May 2017


Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends


It’s spring in North America and that includes the tundra areas in the northern arctic.  This month’s global warming issues are T is for Tundra and Technology. Our planet is warming and the tundra and permafrost below are melting.  Learn why this is an issue and what kids can do to help.

Hopefully you had a busy Earth Day month and that you accomplished some Earth-saving activities.  The


school year is winding down, but May is a great month to do several projects that will match your curriculum needs and help Earth at the same time.

Join Wildflower Team with your kids and explore and photograph lovely wildflowers in your neighborhood.  Next you can join a backyard bird count and Count Your Birds.  The Butterfly Project is a great spring project for you kids.  Inspire them to keep their eyes open in nature and do all they can to protect butterflies.

Keep up the wonderful work you do.  I so appreciate you!