March 2017

March 2017


Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends


Welcome to March.  There is much to do this month.  The Kid’s Campaign to Cool our Earth is focusing on “R is for Rainforests.”  There are so many reasons to protect rainforests and global warming is one of them.  Rainforests provide oxygen and soak up some of the excess carbon dioxide (C02) in the air but they are rapidly disappearing.  You can teach your students about this disappearance and how they can help protect these magical forests.  Kids for Saving Earth has a rainforest protection location in Costa Rica.  Find out how you can donate to this project.  You will be rewarded with a certificate and a beautiful rainforest poster.


An easy way to put less CO2 into the atmosphere is to stop the practice of idling your cars, trucks and buses. No Idling will help you start a campaign in your school. Another way we can slow global warming is to use Wind Power instead of fossil fuels for energy.  Inspire and educate your classroom with wind power activities.


Mining is an environmental issue we all need to learn more about.  We use all the materials which are mined, but i in most cases, mining causes problems for Earth.  Can we find solutions?  Learn more!


On March 25 at 8:30 PM your local time, please coordinate with your students to have them turn their lights out for Earth Hour 2017.  Lights out shows we all recognize the connection between energy usage and problems for Earth including global warming.


I want to give you a head start on organizing your activities for Earth Day on April 22.  There is so much you can do to make plans to highlight that day.  You were provided this information earlier but here it is again for you to find ways to make Earth Day a very important part of your school year.  Check out Earth Expo in Your School. 


​Finally, get organized with your families to participate in the Science March on April 22.  Stand up to people who don’t believe in global warming.  Tell them to listen to science. ​

For the Earth, Tessa