June 2017

June 2017


Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends


It’s June and for a lot of you school is about to be out.  However, Earth-saving can’t stop.  You can educate your kids about things they can do this summer and the Earth will thank you!

This month’s Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth climate change project focuses on the letter U for Urban Heat Island and United Nations.  All year around urban areas are dealing with higher temperatures but especially in the summer.  It’s not only uncomfortable, it also increases global warming.  The United Nations takes global warming very seriously and is focusing on solutions.


Composting for GardensFishingWeed Control,  A Gift for Father’s Day and Insects and Global Warming are all warm weather environmental topics you can present to your students. Have them make a list of five projects they would like to do on their own during summer vacation.  Maybe they can find friends in the classroom to work on these projects.  Check out the June calendar.  There are many more activities.


We would love to hear from you.  Send us photos or video of some of your activities.  We will place them on our Defenders of the Planet page. Don’t forget to “like” Kids for Saving Earth on Facebook.  And again, thanks for all you do to help kids help the Earth.