July 2017

Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends
Here it is July already.  There are lots of negative things going on in the world these days.  However, there is much we can do about it!  For our kids sake we must stand up for the science of climate change and empower our students to help solve the problem.
There’s the denial of the existence of global warming from the U.S. president and his appointed director of the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA(the former CEO of Exxon Mobil oil company.)  There is 97% consensus from scientists all over the world that our planet is heating up and it is human-caused mostly from burning fuel.   Global warming is a very simple thing for us to understand and see all around us.
We need to educate and influence our governmental leaders to do the correct thing to protect our planet from global warming.  After you and your students have studied the Kids Campaign to Cool Earth, check out July’s Meet with Your Congressman project.   Learn how kids can become Defenders of the Planet!
This month’s global warming project covers two important issues beginning with the letter V.   Learn about “Vanishing species and Volunteers” by thoroughly reading this KSE V project!
Other important and helpful activities for this month include information on why fireworks aren’t so great for Earth, an overview on global warming, Sun Power, a Bright Idea”, and “Go to the Library”.  Did you know that going to the library for books will help protect the Earth?
Thanks in advance for putting these projects to work empowering children to help our Earth.
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