February 2017

February 2017
Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends
Welcome to February and a stronger than ever goal to keep global warming front and center.  We need to reach out to media,  neighbors,  legislators,  churches and more.  There are positive ways to teach about global warming.  Earth and its living creatures are counting on us.
Check out this month’s Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth topic.  It is Q for Queen Bees and Their Colonies.  ​Bees are struggling for several reasons and the warming of our planet is one of them.  Check out ways you can help your students help bees.
Last  year when we were on the letter E, our climate change project was about elephants.  Kids love elephants and want to protect them.  How about helping out your students by reviewing this issue?
Put the art on the letter and connect all links.
There are lots of bird activities in the month of February.  There are Bird Buddies, Bird Quizzes and Back Yard Bird Counts.  These are all great activities for your classroom.
There is an entire week of healthy cleaning suggestions and you can also get your students desk clean and help Earth at the same time.
I need  your help.  Please help us protect our beautiful planet
For the Earth, Tessa