December 2017


Welcome to our Kids for Saving Earth December calendar. There is so much to do to help Earth. I’m sure you can find




something inspiring and empowering for your students.


I understand you can’t do it all. As a former teacher I know how hard it is to fit anything extra into your classroom activities. For that reason KSE provides some very simple projects that will show kids easy ways to help Earth. Also, all of these activities fit well into your classroom curriculum.

If you have students who celebrate Christmas, ask them to read about why real Christmas trees are better for Earth than artificial trees. Real Christmas Trees

Many other activities on the calendar can be used for any holiday. Give a Green Coupon for activities which will help Earth. Wrap Green, Gift wrapping paper can be so wasteful. Shop Green at our KSE Green Shop.

Another very empowering activity is to ask your students to make three resolutions to help Earth. Print this New Years Resolution page and send it home for them to fill out over the holiday break. Ask them to return it to school so you as a group can discuss their choices and place them on your classroom walls.


Organic Lands is an important project for the Kids Campaign to Cool Earth.

Global Warming is such a big problem for the future of our beautiful planet.

Hopefully you can choose one of these projects this month. The Earth and its children will thank you.

Don’t forget if you buy on Amazon, you can help Earth buy choosing Kids for Saving Earth on Amazon Smile. Choose Clinton Hill’s Kids for Saving Earth as the nonprofit you would like to support and we will receive a small percentage of your order at no cost to you. Thanks in advance for helping us out!

Have a lovely holiday season!