April 2017

April  2017


Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends


Happy Earth month.  You have lots to choose from on this month’s calendar.  Here’s one of my favorites:  Make a Promise Tree!  Do it right away so you have it up for the entire month.  It’s so easy and the kids will love it.

This month’s project is for the letter  Sea Level and Solar Power. Global warming must be a “hot” issue, let’s get busy working on ways to slow the sea level rising and increase the use of solar power.

​April is a very special month because it contains Earth Day on the 22nd.  On the 20th check out  history of Earth Day  and then make plans for Earth Day. Ask your kids to do something very special with their parents.  Find an Earth Day March for Science  to attend in your “neck of the woods.” We need to stand up to people who are global warming deniers.  The science is there and we obviously have seen changes in our weather patterns already creating havoc for many people.  ​

If you go through the April calendar you will find many easy and quick to do projects.  You could do a couple a week easily fitting into your curriculum.  Here’s a few: Have a Picnic for the Planet, sign the KSE Promise, decorate a light switch, and take a Garbage Walk.  

I’m sure you have lots of your own ideas and I would like to learn about them.

Email me to let me know what you have done during Earth month.

Thanks so much for helping kids help the Earth!