September 2016

September 2016


Hello Kids for Saving Earth Friends,

A great way to start your school year is to begin with the Call to Action form.  Have kids take it home to their parents and work with them to decide what they want to do to help Earth.  Ask them to return it to school to line your classroom walls as a reminder.  Later you can send it home to remind the entire family.


The Climate Change/Global warming project this month is for the letter “L”. Love and LEDs will remind your kids how important it is to love everything about Earth.  If you love it, you will protect it.  One way to protect it is to use LED lights.  Find out why!

Another great way to start the month is to teach students the Kids for Saving Earth Promise and Promise Song.  You can order the music on line and have kids sing it once a week as a reminder to protect Earth.

It’s really fun to have a Wear Reused Clothes Day.  Kids can learn that it’s ok to reuse clothes and it will help protect Earth at the same time!

Don’t forget to join the Cool Earth Team and order your Cool Earth Poster for the classroom, or have your students make their own cool Earth posters.


Finally be sure to like us on Facebook!  We like you, we would like you to like us too! Also Email KSE to let us know what your Earth-Saving plans are this fall.

Thanks so much for helping kids help the Earth.