October 2016

Hello Kids for Saving Earth Friends,
October is International Walk to School month.  Perhaps you should have a meeting with parents to find out which kids might be able to help protect the Earth from global warming by walking to school.  Get a group of parents to walk with their kids!
The letter for the October Kids Campaign to cool Earth is M.  We have chosen the words Money and Methane.  Money because our government must spend too much of it to help communities in need after increasing numbers of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Also, far too many people are hurt during these weather events.   Methane is a greenhouse gas which also warms our atmosphere.  Check out Money and Methane and help your students discover what they can do to help slow climate change.
This is a very important month to talk with your students about voting.  They can’t vote right now but eventually they will, and their parents can vote.  The League of Conservation Voters Score Cardwill help students and their parents understand who will support protecting Earth.  Check it out.
There are many more options for environmental activities on the October calendar so see what works best for you.
Keep in mind that in November Kids for Saving Earth will focus on fund-raising.  Maybe you and your classroom would like to pick out an activity to raise funds for KSE. How about you split the amount you earn:  Half for the nonprofit Earth-saving work we do and half for your classroom activities?  We would love it if you would help support us.
Thanks for all you do.