November 2016

November 2016
Hello Kids for Saving Earth Friends,

It’s almost November and as usual, there is lots to do to save the Earth.  Your commitment to educating kids is essential.  Global warming issues are becoming more and more obvious and empowering kids to help slow climate change will help them feel less hopeless.  We can and will solve this problem.  The Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth letter for this month is N.

National forests are something we can all feel positive about because they can be so helpful in slowing climate change; they are beautiful and enjoyable.  Any forests we can preserve or regrow will absorb the excess carbon dioxide in the air that is warming our Earth.  This month’s Cool the Earth Campaign project will encourage kids to share wonders of forests with their families and to convince local, state and federal leaders to create more.  National Parks and forests need an advertising campaign and kids are the ones who can do it.

KSE’s other topic for this month is National Security This seems like a rather scary topic for kids but it’s really understandable and teaching practical steps to protect our system of national security will empower kids.

There are plenty of other activities for November but the one I like best is; Thanks for our Earth. Also check out 12 Ways to Green Thanksgiving.

November is a very important month for Kids for Saving Earth.  It is the month we ask for your help to continue providing your students and kids all over the world with environmental curriculum.  We hope you will consider us as a worthy nonprofit to which to donate.  We hope you will find a way to raise some funds in your classroom to  send to KSE.  November 17 is Give to the Max Dayand a day we count on for all year programming. Also don’t forget that if your order from Amazon you should order through it’s Amazon Smiles Program.  Pick Kids for Saving Earth as your nonprofit choice and every order you make will provide us with funding through Amazon.  It’s just a few cents each time but “united with friends we can save the Earth!”

Thanks for all you do.