March 2016


Hello Defenders of the Planet!

It’s time to think about Earth-saving activities for March.
Of course, first check out the Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth Campaign A-Z.  This month we are learning about Forests, a crucial component to cooling Earth.  Filled with activities, Forests  will inspire kids to stop global warming. This is something kids can easily do. How about creating a forest in your school yard or neighborhood?  It’s a perfect project for spring.
As always, our Kids for Saving Earth calendar is filled with many other activities also.  How about turning your school into a No Idling Zone?  Or find out why Mining the Earth isn’t always so good for Earth.   Here’s a way to Tune Up the Earth and cool it at the same time.
There’s lots to do to save Earth. It’s really important so figure out what works best for you and your kids and go for it!  Thanks for inspiring kids to do the right thing.
If you have a environmental hero, ages 8-18, in your group or are a youth hero, you might check out this link.  It may be your chance to be awarded the Barron Prize for $5000 to support service work or higher education.

Thanks for all you do to help kids help the Earth.