June 2016

Hello Defenders of the Planet!


The school year is ending in the United States but be sure to look over these activities for June.  They can fit into any part of your school year.

In the U.S., summer means insect season.  We all think we hate insects but it’s important our children learn how necessary insects are in the balance of nature.  Don’t forget those insects we love like butterflies, bees, dragonflies and fireflies!  Check out Insects and Climate Change to learn why and how insects are impacted as a result of climate change.  Learn how kids can help.

Reading, of course, is one of the best things your students can do to be ready for the next school year. Exciting Earth Adventures is a great way to inspire reading and eco-activism.

In these last days of school prepare your students for summer Earth-saving activities to do on their own.   Don’t forget Father’s Day.  Check out KSE’s Great Father’s Day gift.  Learn about Clinton Hill, founder of Kids for Saving Earth, help pollinators with the Great Sunflower Project, go Wild Flower Wild to add more beauty and more Earth protection.

Help us spread the KSE spirit of Earth protection from Kids for Saving Earth.  Check out KSE Facebook and email this link to all of your educational partners.


For the Earth and its children