January 2016


Hello Defenders of the Planet!


I want to remind you that it’s not too late to work with your students on New Year’s Resolutions.  Be sure to ask them to include Earth protection when making yearly promises to themselves.
An important date on the January calendar is the 18th.  It’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s  Day of Service.  It’s important to remind kids that we all need to help each other.  Of course helping to protect the Earth is one very important way to help all mankind.  It would be great if your class or school picked a service project you all could do together.  It would also be great if you would pick a project that would help to protect the Earth.  How about the Write on Project on January 11th?
The Kid’s Campaign to Cool the Earth is focusing on Dolphins this month.  Every animal and human will be affected by global warming like Polar Bears also listed in our January calendar. Dolphins, however, were KSE founder Clinton Hill’s favorite animal. Dolphins were his power animals throughout his battle with cancer.
For me dolphins have become a symbol of the importance of Earth protection.
Don’t forget to sign on to the Cool Earth Team either as a school or as individuals.  “United we will save the Earth”

Thanks so much for helping kids help the Earth.  You truly are “Defenders of the Planet.”

Starting this year, look for your Kids for Saving Earth Calendar to arrive a week earlier each month.  This will allow you to have more time to plan the upcoming month’s Earth-saving activities.