February 2016

Hello Defenders of the Planet!

From now on you will receive this email a few days before the new month to allow you more time to schedule environmental activities into your plans.

As you know, KSE is now focusing on climate change.   Our Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth A-Z  has covered A-D: Air, Burning Fossil FuelsClean Energy and Dolphins.  If you haven’t already, print out each topic, read it with your kids, and choose an action step to help solve the problem.

In February we focus on how elephants need protection from global warming.  Yes, big, strong elephants fit into our Earth’s delicate balance of nature but Earth’s climate isn’t in balance now.  We have lots to do and that is what Kids for Saving Earth Action Programs are all about.  First, kids will learn about the problem and then they will go into action to help protect our planet.

February is filled with action.  One entire week focuses on healthy cleaning.  Help the kids learn why some cleaning supplies most people use are filled with chemicals that can be unhealthy.  Teach them how to find safer products.  There are several bird-related projects in February:  Bird BuddiesBackyard Bird Quiz, and the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Be sure to check out the Eco Activity “Love the Earth.”

Finally, please spread the word and spirit of KSE.  We want the Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth to be worldwide.  Also,
be sure to join the Cool Earth Team!

Thanks for all you do to help kids help the Earth.