April 2016

Hello Defenders of the Planet!

Here it is April or Earth Day month once again.  For Kids for Saving Earth it is a very important month but, of course, what we really want is for you to celebrate Earth every month.
The Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth this month is for the letter G– Green Shopping.  Buying “green” products can help Cool the Earth.  So let’s get busy teaching our kids how to shop green.
Other important Earth month activities include a simple classroom activity called Make a Promise Tree.  Find a branch, make paper leaves, write promises to the Earth and you will have an Earth-saving inspiration in your classroom.
Would you like to have kids make an Earth Day gift for their families?  How about a Save the Earth Light Switch? 
A great gift for your classroom and Earth would be to order reusable Kids for Saving Earth water bottles.
The simplest thing you can do is have your kids and their parents Sign the Kids for Saving Earth Promise.
Obviously, just click on April and you will be supplied with many more activities, but one thing you can do for me is tell me what you and your kids are doing to help save this beautiful Earth.  I really want to hear from you.
Have a wonderful April and thanks for all you do.