August 2016

Hello Kids for Saving Earth Friends,

Happy August. It won’t be long before school starts up in North America and many other countries on our beautiful Earth.  This is a good time to make your Earth-saving plans for the school year.


It has been a busy month for me.  The Natural Spaces Domes complex that I live and work for KSE in is being used to film a movie.  Difficult at times to get to my computer.  I will give you further information when the producer sends out a news release.  It has been fun though and the movie brings in issues revolving around protecting our planet.
When we got to the letter K  I chose Kids for Saving Earth.  When my son Clinton founded Kids for Saving Earth at the age of 11, we didn’t know a lot about global warming, however much of what he wanted to do would also protect the Earth from climate change.
So K is for Kids for Saving Earth tells story of Clinton, KSE and climate change, and it will provide you with many ways to help our planet battle global warming.
As usual there are many other activities on our August calendar you can use in your classrooms or homes.  Be sure to check out “Have an Earth Expo in your School. It’s an activity that will take some planning and would be a great event to have around Earth Day.
Thanks so much for helping kids help the Earth.