August Letter

Hello Earth Friends,

It’s time to start preparing for Earth-saving plans for your students. The focus this month is on terrible problems with plastics in our oceans. Have you studied the Great Garbage Patch Update? Then check out the KSE Great Garbage Patch project to learn what your kids can do to help stop this form of pollution.

As you all can now see we are facing the effects of global warming. We have put the pages for The Kids Campaign to Cool Earth A to Z in one link so you can print them out and make a booklet for each student. Or if it works better, pick a day a week to study each topic. This is so important and empowering work for kids!

Please check out Earth Expo in your School. You can launch into the project at the beginning of your school year and have a big school wide event for Earth Day in April. It can be adapted to a smaller event but please give it a try. Earth needs this type of school activity. You should also look over Rock the World Concert Kit to add music to your event. Call me with any questions you may have.

If you buy items through Amazon, don’t forget to add Clinton Hill’s Kids for Saving Earth as your favorite charity. We earn funds through Amazon Smiles and it costs you nothing.

Thanks for all you do to help kids help Earth!