April Letter

April is Earth Month. April 22 is Earth Day. It is such an important designated Earth-saving time for our beautiful Earth. So while KSE is asking you to do everything you can do to help protect our planet all year long, please do even more for Earth Month.

We have a very simple project for you and your students to do for Earth Month. Get your cell phones ready and start taking photos of the beauty on our Earth. Click here on For the Beauty of Our Earth to see how you can send us your favorite Beautiful Earth Photo. We have created a web page on our website where we will place your photo. Participants will receive a Defender of the Planet printable certificate for their Earth Month activity. We will also email the photo link to government leaders asking them to help us protect these precious items and places.

You may have noticed that we sent out an earlier email suggesting that kids get started taking Selfies in front of their Earth Day project. Did they plant a tree? Did they collect trash? Did they take the Kids for Saving Earth Promise? Whatever your students did to help Earth, ask them to take a Selfie doing it. We will have a page on our web site that will display the selfie photos of kids in action.

The actions above are very easy but powerful steps to help your kids both savor Earth as well as empower them through activities.

Many more activities are available on the April calendar and, of course, at kidsforsavingearth.org. Try out Picnic for the Planet, Organic Gardening, The Great Garbage Challenge or Wonderful Wind. Check out Beautiful Earth for several easy activities. Your students will learn, become empowered and help Earth at the same time.

Thank you! Happy Earth Month