Hello Earth-savers!

Well it's almost Earth Day. A day that should become a national holiday. So let's make the Earth-saving season as big and important as possible.  

Kids for Saving Earth has so many ways you can promote the holiday. Today we will focus on creating a big event for celebrating Earth. Your event doesn't have to occur on Earth Day. Choose any day this spring to honor our Earth. Stretch out the holiday until school vacation. You can also celebrate the United Nations' World Environment Day on June 5.  

How about creating an Earth Expo in your school? Read over the information on the link and ask or assign each classroom an Earth-saving topic. You can look up all the project options on the KSE website programs page and use one per class. If you don't want to make it a big event you can just pick the older kids' classrooms or even just one classroom to launch an event.  

An Earth concert in your school is perfect for an Earth Expo. Let your school's music teacher know about our Kids for Saving Earth Rock the World concert kit. It is ready to go in digital format now. (although you can still order the hard copy) This makes it easier for you to print out the sheet music and script for each of your students. In addition to sheet music, script, staging suggestions etc, it will also include a KSE membership mailed to you with certificates, the Action Guide and more. Maybe you only want to have the kids sing the KSE Promise Song this year. Click here for everything you will need. Here is some inspiration.

Whatever you can do to bring the need for Earth protection awareness to your school, church, community center etc. will be so helpful for empowering kids and saving Earth at the same time!  

And don't forget the Barron Prize for one of those very special kid activists in your school:  https://barronprize.org

Thanks to all of you who work so hard to help kids help Earth!

Tessa Hill


Kids for Saving Earth

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