Hello Earth Instructors, 

This month's Kids for Saving Earth's project is about removing toxins and other environmental problems from homes. KSE makes it easy for you with Become an Earth Inspector and Earth Inspector Checklist. Try them both! Have students google the correct answers to questions on the checklist when they are not sure of the answer. This is a great classroom project.  

There's a lot that kids can do to make their home a healthier and an Earth friendly place to live but they will need the help of an adult. In the classroom, review the items they should look for in their homes and explain to them how to handle these if they are toxic products. They need to understand which toxins can be used carefully at home and where to store them. For example, we often use bleach for an important reason but it is a toxin and can be dangerous. It should be used as little as possible and safely stored. 

Disposal of the toxins in homes must be handled carefully. Also, help them to find a toxic waste disposal location in their community. Then tell them to ask an adult to help them deliver the hazardous waste they find to a disposal site. 

I understand this sounds complicated but it's so important to protect children, their homes, and their Earth. These toxins, for example, pesticides, can cause major health issues and damage the health of Earth. 

Earth needs you and kids need you! Thanks for working on this project! 

Tessa Hill


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