Dear Earth-lovers,

Making a promise to Earth is the first step kids and adults can take to help heal our only home. Using some of our son Clinton's favorite expressions like what he called himself, Defender of the Planet, Clint's late father and I wrote the Kids for Saving Earth Promise. Later it was also turned into the Promise Song by Hummingbird Production in Nashville, TN.  

When people take The Promise they are giving their Word of Honor that they will work to protect Earth. You can sing it or

say it. Either way works! 

This month let's celebrate Earth by asking as many people as possible to take the Promise. Click here to see it in several languages. Then print out the Sign the Promise form that friends and family can sign. Ask them to bring it back with signatures and then place these forms on your classroom and hall walls. 

A different way to take the Promise is to print out the Promise Certificate. This way each child, parent or friend can have their own certificate. You can also order a membership to receive a pack of certificates in the membership kit. These certificates are a much higher quality than you can print out.

I hope I have inspired you to encourage children and their friends and family to take The Kids for Saving Earth Promise and mean it! Word of Honor!

Next? Take those very important words and put them into action! How about a Rock the World Concert to educate and empower students and to spread the spirit of Earth-saving.

Tessa Hill


Kids for Saving Earth

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