Hello Earth-saving friends, 

Planting season is different all over the world and since we have KSE groups worldwide, you can instruct your students the information below when it works best for you.  

Meanwhile in most of North America we are at last ready to enjoy a warmer season and to get the kids out learning about planting and growing flowers and food.

When preparing your planting area make sure not to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides. They are bad for all living creatures. Learn about how honey bees are struggling to survive and what you can do about it. Click Here

For a healthy Earth, we must limit our use of pesticides. Check out Organic Gardening to learn how you can garden safely. Click Here

Do you realize that organic gardening and farming will help slow global warming? Click Here

Clinton, the 11 year-old founder of KSE, loved his backyard habitat. Learn how you can instruct kids to create one in their own backyard. Click Here

Children should be surrounded by gardens. Get the kids active in planting and taking care of a healthy garden in your school or church grounds. 

Let us know what you are up to and what you need from us.

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