1. Ask your students to tell you what size switch plate they have in their bedroom. It could have one or more switches on it.

  2. Plastic switch plates are very inexpensive at the "big box" stores.  For this project it's best to buy white.  Have kids decorate their new white switch plates with drawings of Earth and the words: 
    "I will save the Earth".  They should use kid-safe non-toxic paints or markers. 

  3. After the switch plates have dried completely, wrap them with newspaper or magazine pages.

  4. Send their projects home on Earth Day to give to parents who can replace the old switch plates in their kids' bedrooms.  The kids' gift to their parents will be always to remember to turn off their bedroom light when not needed.  They will save their parents' money and help save the Earth.
  5. Ask their parents to donate the old switch plates to use for next year's class for the same project. 
If you need to raise funds for this project, click here to get some ideas.