Have you ever sat on a hot car seat? Ouch! Hove you ever strolled through a greenhouse in the middle of winter? Ahhh. Every day the sun sends down a huge amount of heat and light called “solar energy.” Lucky for us, experts are finding new ways to use this energy. See, the great thing about solar energy is that it doesn’t create air, noise, or water pollution like oil, gas, coal, or wood. Plus we won’t run out for billions of years

Experts are working on ways to store solar energy, so that at night and even on cloudy days there’s enough heat to keep warm. They’re also trying to bring the cost down-to-Earth.

More & more houses, buildings, & swimming pools are being built with solar collectors. They actually capture sunlight and change it into energy for heating, lighting, and other stuff our homes need for power. Cool, huh? Millions of homes in places like the US, the United Kingdom, Israel, & Japan are now using solar power to heat water and their homes.

We’re already using solar energy for calculators, watches and toys, and another ray of hope is that someday we’ll use the sun to help run our cars.

Kid Power

Which way is south on your roof? That is where to put solar collectors.

Send letters and drawings to your power company and government leaders and tell them to look to the sun for energy.

Sing One Light, One Sun, and Just like the Sun from the album “Evergreen, Everblue” by Raffi.
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Sun Power - A Bright Idea
Yeah man!
It’s cool.
Gee, I didn’t
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What’s Cooking?  The sun, with the help of solar box ovens! In some parts of the world, forests are vanishing because people need to use the wood for cooking. Now, these simple ovens are coming to the rescue. They save trees and don’t cause air pollution because they run on sun power.























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