Simple Earth saving activites to do in a classroom, Sunday school, scout meeting or home school classroom.

Kids for Saving Earth Club Forms

Kids For Saving Earth

  • Write articles about environmental issues for a school or community newspaper.
  • Volunteer to help an environmental cause.
  • Read and report on an environmental book. Tell us if we should suggest that other kids should read it.
  • Make a birdhouse out of a milk carton.
  • Build a wormery to compost garbage.
  • Make up an environmental poem or rap song and email it to KSE.
  • Design an environmental calendar that you can reprint. (Sell ads and use it to raise funds!)
  • Reuse flowers from a bouquet by hanging them upside down to dry.
  • Draw a timeline of significant environmental events.
  • Take pictures and create a photo essay of environmental problems or solutions.
  • Find examples of excessive packaging to bring to the club meetings.
  • Find recipes for nontoxic cleansers and publish them in a pamphlet.
  • Make club posters using environmental facts from Ask to put them up at libraries, offices and stores.
  • Make a flag for your club. You can use our KSE logo.
  • Keep track of environmental issues going through the legislature or legal system in your state and/or country.
  • Invite a business representative to speak for your group (just like Tessa Hill invited Target!)
  • List a dozen animals in your area. Are they herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores? Check out our Precious Species program.  Draw pictures and email or send them to KSE
  • Create art projects about the environment and host an art fair. Reuse material to show that “junk” can be beautiful if we use our creativity. Take photos or paint pictures reflecting environmental problems.
  • Promote car pooling with posters and buttons.
  • Sponsor a fund drive: Get pledges for a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon. Give the funds you raise to a good environmental cause like Kids for Saving Earth.
  • Start a school recycling program.
  • Host an Earth Expo or eco-fair to display your Club’s projects.
  • Publish an environmental newsletter.
  • Ask a business or restaurant to let you come up with a plan they can use to reduce waste.
  • Write a song for the Earth.
  • Visit a wind farm to see how energy is created without depleting natural resources.
  • Find out what it means to “pre cycle.”
  • Research how some scientists think the greenhouse effect will change our planet. What might happen to the area where you live?
  • Find out what your community recycles and start a campaign to get your neighborhood recycling.
  • Be a big brother or sister mentor to a KSE Club.
  • Put on a puppet show or play on the environment at your school, church, or camp

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