Receive an Official KSE News Reporter Button and 
Defender of the Planet Award

When you write an article about Earth-saving issues and place it in a local or school newspaper, send a copy to KSE and we'll make you an official "Defender of the Planet". Make a video about an environmental problem or solution and get it on a TV show like your local news program or talk show. Send us a copy of the video. We'll send you a "Defender of the Planet" award and a KSE News Reporter button.

Anytime you can get out Earth-saving messages it will help the Earth. Send stories to news papers, local and national, and even to your school newspaper. Also, send stories to magazines, radio stations, TV stations, and more! Ask them to interview you or use your information in a report.

It also helps to spread the message about Kids for Saving Earth in all your news reports. That way, kids and adults can know where to get environmental information.

Click Here for a "News Flash" page that you can print out and write on!