Environmental educations programs for teachers, parents, scouting groups and more.
Learn about how to put on a green carnival, a reading for the Earth environmental educations programs for teachers, parents, scouting groups and more.


Action Programs

Amigos de la Selva
Ask Adults to take the Promise
Backyard Habitat

Become an Earth Inspector
Bird Buddies
Bye-Bye Throw-Away Bottles
Call to Action
Can Can Carnival
Catalog Canceling Challenge
Children's Book for Environmental Health
Club and Class Activites
Creature Feature
Defenders of the Planet: KSE
Defender of the Planet Award
Download the KSE Promise Song
Earth Expo In Your School
Ecoepals - Email the President!
Garbage Challenge
Garbage Walk
Global Warming
(Spanish Global Warming)
Green Birthday
Green Day
Heart of the Artic
Inspector Checklist
Kids' Asthma Environmental Causes
Kids for Saving Earth Calendar
KSE Activity and Discussion Guide
KSE Calendars
KSE Forms
KSE Rainforest
KSE Reporter
Mining our Earth
No Idling
Organic Gardening and Farming
Picnic For The Planet
Precious Species™
Promise Challenge
Promise Song
Rainforest Bulletin Board
Rainforest Facts
Real Christmas Trees
Respect the Earth
Reward Earth Action
Rules For Greening Schools
Save the Earth Switch Plate
School Bus Emissions
Start a KSE Club
So What's a Toxic Waste Site?
(Spanish Version)
Sun Power
The Great Garbage Challenge
Teaching Grownups
Trip to the Forest

Tune up the Earth
What's Happening to Our Honeybees?
What Happens at a Meeting?
Wind Power
Wonderful World of Water
Write on - Write your Congressperson

KSE Art Bar

Kids Campaign to Cool the Earth
Climate Change A to Z


Quick and Easy Eco-Activities

A Gift For Fathers Day
A Save the Earth Costume
Be a KSE Reporter
Be Wild About Wildflowers

Bike Rodeo
Clean Your Desk
Clintons Backyard Habitat
Cool Earth Team
Compost Power
Dear Pres Obama Book

Earth Facts and Tips
Earth Inspector
Fathers Day Card
Go to the Library
Gardening for a Child's Health

Garbage Walk
Get the Lead Out
Great Garbage Patch
Healthy School
H2O Challenge Quiz
How to Test Soil Acidity

Learn From A Senior Citizen
Living Creatures
Love the Earth
Magazine Exchange

Make a Bird Feeder
Make a Paper Airplane
Make a Promise Tree
Meet your Congressman
New Years Resolution
No Idling

Only Rain Down the Drain
Order Your Earth Saving Music
Pack a Green Lunch
Pollution Place
Safer Weed Control
Save the Earth Switch Plate
Save our Parks
Save Your Money
Shop Green
Sign the Petition
Sign the Promise
Talk To Your Congressman
Thanksgiving: Thankful List
Turn in Your Old Paint and Oil
Unsun Fun
Use Cloth Napkins Week
Vacation Promise
Vote Smart
Walk-to-School Day

Water Waster Postcard
Wear Reused Clothes

Wilderness Wild

Wonderful Wind
Wonderful World of Water
Wrap Green

Stuff for Little Kids

Activities for Pre K and Kindergarten
Laurel School Recycle Video


Action Guide
Clinton And the Tree House
Everything Green Classrom Book
Exciting Earth Saving Adventures
Trip to the Forest
We're not Asking for the Moon
Little Kids Guide

Fundraising Opportunities

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Ask Adults to Take the Promise!
Award Forms, etc
Global Warming
Green Shop
Learn How to be Healthy Kids

Order Your Travel the Earth Book
Shop for the Earth
Want Your Own Web Page?
Wildflower Photos

Epal News

Epal News 1: E-Pal info
Epal News 2: Respect the Earth
Epal News 3: InkJet Cartriges
Epal News 4: Global Warming
Epal News 5: Wind Power
Epal News 6: Real Christmas Trees
Epal News 7: Earth Day 2008
Epal News 8: September 2009
Epal News 9: November 2009
Epal News 10: March 2010
Epal News 11:Updates and Reminders

Education For Big People

Asthma and School Buses
Kids' Asthma Environmental Causes
Health Info
Join the Health Wave
Learn How to be Healthy Kids
What Teachers are Doing
Tell Us What You Are Doing
Vinyl School


Kids For Saving Earth