Dear Instructors, Parents and other Volunteers,
   Please help us learn about what you are doing to help the Earth and how we can best support you.


President, Kids for Saving Earth

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Your Earth-saving activities involve how many children?
Do you teach environmental education as a:

School Instructor Family Member Home School
Church Teacher Scout Leader School Principal

Do you have school district-wide environmental education curriculum? Yes No
Have you used the information that we sent you in the free instructor information packet? Yes No N/A
Have you used the paid membership materials? Yes No N/A
Were the Action Guide or the Little Kids Guide for Teachers useful? Yes No I did not order either
Do you use Kids for Saving Earth for a: Club Classroom Family Other
Do you weave environmental education into subjects other than science, such as math, English, etc. Yes No
Do you teach environmental education throughout the year or just around Earth Day? Comments
Do you use the information from the E-pal News? Yes No Comments
Describe one or two environmental projects you have done in the past few years or plan to do in the future.
May we use your comments about your activities, first name and city in our "What Teachers Are Doing" list of environmental projects? Yes No Name and City
How can we best support your efforts to help kids learn how to protect the Earth?
If you have a student Defender of the Planet, please tell us about him/her.

Please recommend children's books about nature, general Earth-saving or other environmental issues that you really like.  Please tell us why you like them.