The Kids for Saving Earth/Earth Inspector Checklist
Begin making your home healthier
Important Rules to follow before you begin your home inspection tour:
1. You MUST make the inspection with an adult 2. Ask the adult to be sure the tops of the containers are tightly sealed 3. Carefully read all labels, including the directions. 4. Do not mix household products with each other! 5. Keep all hazardous substances in original containers 6. Some products that are unsafe for the Earth are necessary, like anti-freeze and oil for your car. Do Not dispose of this type of product in the trash, down drains or sewers. 7. Do dispose of all hazardous waste at a hazardous waste collection center.

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Earth Problem Warning On Label
(When appropriate)
Uh-Oh! It's In Our Home! Pollution Solution
*Scrub cleansers with Bleach
*Glass cleaner      
*Dripping Water      
*Trash Can With Recyclable Materials      
*Compost Materials      
*Automatic Dishwashing detergent with phosphates      
*Oven Cleaner      
*Insect Poisons      
*Trash can with compost materials      
*No recycle containers      
*Leaky Toilet
*Toilet bowl cleaner      
*Disinfectants with Phenol & Cresol      
*Fingernail Polish      
*Fingernail Polish Remover      
*Aerosol Spray Can      
*Mildew Remover      
*Spot removers with phosphates      
*Large boxes of detergent/not concentrated      
*Laundry soap with phosphates of bleach      
Family Room
*Little or no insulation
*Fireplace vent open      
*Unnecessary lights on      
*Lights on and no one in room
*Windows not closed tightly when heat/AC is on      
*Oil based paints      
*Windshield wiper fluid      
*Fluorescent lights      
Yard or Grounds
*Fertilizers w/phosphates
*Weed killer      
*Pool chemicals      
*Driveway sealers      
Compost materials