Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends,


It's holiday time and I know we celebrate different holidays in a variety of ways. That is wonderful! For those of you who celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees or for those of you who have students who celebrate with Christmas trees, we have a link to an educational piece about the importance of using live trees. 

Many people believe that using and artificial trees is better for the Earth.  That's not correct, so please check out this link and use it as an environmental education piece where appropriate.  Live Christmas Trees


Also we have received many wonderful surveys from dedicated teachers who have been working to protect the Earth for many years now.  Thank you so much.  Soon we will have a "What Teachers are Doing" link on our site to tell others about great things teachers are doing to save the Earth. 


It is so important to Kids for Saving Earth and its funders to know if the educational materials we provide for you are helpful, and we want other teachers to learn what works for you. 


Finally, we don't often ask for donations because I have a hard time asking for money from teachers.  I know (having been a teacher) how much you are already giving to your classroom.  Here is a way you can help us out by buying Earth-saving products. These products are great for the Earth, your health and the financial health of Kids for Saving Earth.  It's a win-win way to contribute to Kids for Saving Earth.  You will win, the Earth will win,  and KSE will win. 

Here are the links : Click here to visit our KSE Shaklee Website and Click here to visit our Soda Stream Website

And don't forget, you can give Kids for Saving Earth memberships for holiday gifts.  Click here for Membership form. 


I know that teachers make the big difference, and I am so grateful for you all.


For the Earth and its children,

Tessa Hill


Tessa Hill
President, Kids for Saving Earth
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