Happy Lesbian Couple
Board Members: Olivia Newton John and Kelly Preston
with 6 month old Ella Bleu Travolta

"There is nothing more important than the health of your child and that is what this video is all about," says Nancy Chuda, President and Co-founder of CHEC. "This video will inform parents about common sense choices to protect their family. We are so grateful to have Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Preston helping CHEC in our efforts to inform parents about the preventable environmental health threats children face in their homes." Olivia explains, "Until I had my daughter, Chloe, I never really understood how vulnerable our babies are to toxins in our environment. I was horrified to learn that there are now around 80,000 chemicals that we live with. Ninety percent of these have never been tested for safety." Kelly Preston knew that she wanted to create the perfect environment to bring her baby home from the hospital. "We've been trained to think that a house is clean if it smells clean, but what are we using to clean it spotless? That clean smell may come from chemicals that are dangerous for your baby." Kelly points out that "There are lots of non-toxic ways to make things clean". Kelly and Olivia have joined forces to help CHEC inform new parents that our children's bodies are vulnerable to many of the chemicals that are now in the world. Kelly has been dedicated to keeping hazardous products out of her house for years and is "determined to help others learn to do the same." Olivia wants every new parent to know that "many of the health problems that we face today, like childhood cancers, asthma, nervous disorders, ADD, autism, and birth defects, may be preventable". With this 15-minute video produced by CHEC for its environmental child-proofing campaign, we hope to reach out to the parents of over 4 million babies born each year in the United States. The average home today contains 3-10 gallons of hazardous materials. Even the products that we think are safe may not be. "Not Under My Roof" demonstrates the simple and affordable steps every new parent can take in their own home to help safeguard their children's health. In 1990, Jim and Nancy Chuda lost their child, Colette, at the age of five to a rare, non-hereditary form of a childhood cancer. They questioned whether something in the environment had affected her early development. They established CHEC to help other parents protect their children from toxins in the environment. Nancy gratefully acknowledges the funding support for the video that we received from Wallace Genetics, W. Alton Jones, and the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. (HUD) We are "proud to be a force for positive change" through this video, "Not Under My Roof," explain Kelly and Olivia.