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Hello Defenders of the Planet!

Welcome to July.  It's summer in North America and there are several activities that focus on  summer issues.
Unsun Fun will help educate children to learn about the danger of too much sun.  They need to know so help them learn.  

The climate change letter for July is J.  We decided J deserved 2 topics.  One topic is Jaguars which are diminishing in numbers in part because of global warming. The other is Jelly Fish which are flourishing as a result of global warming.  Learn more and show your children how they can make a difference to help theJaguars and slow down the growth of Jelly Fish. 

A great thing to do in summer is go to the library.  Help your students prepare a list of summer reading.   Let them know they will be reusing books which will help save Earth. 

There are many more July Earth-saving activities.  Check them out and then go for it.  

Enjoy your July!

Tessa Hill



Tessa Hill

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