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January 2017

Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends
It's January and that means a new year.  New Year resolutions are always a good way to start the year especially when it comes to saving our Earth.  Have your students begin the year by choosing three important things they want to do to help protect our planet.  This would also be a great thing for instructors to do.  Once done, place them on a bulletin board and let's see what happens next. 

Hope you will include the Kids Campaign to Cool Our Earth in your list.  This month we worked on the letter P.  
P is for Precious Speciestm.  Every one of our precious species is at risk because of global warming and that includes us.  Check out the Precious Species educational project.Your kids will enjoy this one!

A few of the activities this month include; The Green Bulletin Board project, H2 Oh Oh, and Mining Our Earth.  All will help your students learn more about protecting our Earth and more about life.  They are also empowering activities.  I hope you will find something you will enjoy and feel great about doing.  

Always feel free to call me with questions. 

Remember when ordering anything through Amazon use  Choose your favorite charity "Kids for Saving Earth"(which can be kept permanently.)  Then when you place your order, Amazon will donate a few cents to our cause.  It mounts up and costs you nothing.  United with friends, you will help us protect our Earth.  

For the Earth, Tessa

Tessa Hill



Tessa Hill

President, Kids for Saving Earth
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